These are striking and bold around a dining table and the upright back gives excellent support. Comes in Natural color.

Effortless, yet intricately detailed, the wooden/bamboo frame ‘Traditional’ chair settles in comfortably in any dining room or deck – just quietly owning the space it is in.

The handcraft tradition of sculpturing Malawi chairs is passed down from generation to generation. The authentic way each unique piece continues the tradition to this day. 

Indoor use or outdoor (away from the rain or direct sunlight).



Depth 45cm
Width 48cm
Height 110cm
Weight 8kg  



 Handmade from Natural Rattan



If you prefer to retain the original raw look that we favour and mold does appear, using a mould remover as soon as possible after the mold develops is advised to clean and maintain your product. Should the mold  have sunken roots into the wood, light sanding with the fine sandpaper may become necessary to restore your piece.


Please note that our flat rate shipping cost is not applicable to this oversized item.

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Made in Malawi, South Africa.