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Fringed FIESTA

Paper Ribbon Hat

Tonal Grosgrain Strap

UPF 50+ Excellent protection


Brim width, 10.5cm.  8cm Solid and 2.5cm Handcut Fringed

Crown height, 11cm


Available in all three sizes

Small 55cm 

Medium 57cm

Large 59cm 



Do not wash or immerse in water.  Handle brim. Avoid handling curved crown.

To keep the body of a straw hat looking its best, use a soft bristle brush or lint roller to remove dust and lint. Workaround the hat slowly, brushing with the nap of the straw and taking care not to crush any decorative accessories. If possible, remove trim like ribbons or flowers to make brushing the hat easier.

If the trim is not removable, use a hairdryer on cool/low to blow away dust from flowers and intricate areas.


Designed In Australia