Welcome Bowl is for a large family. 

This ceramic salad bowls are incredible light and easy to pass around the table.  They have a slightly irregular and wonky shape.  

They are great for serving  salads, vegetables and fruit as well as pasta and rice dishes.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Made of Ceramic

Ceramic has been in use for over millions of years and is found healthy l and safe for food. It has been observed that ingredients that form ceramic are considered non-toxic. Ceramic dishes are heat friendly. You can cook food on the stove, microwave or oven.


Why ceramics cost so much?

For independent artists, time is definitely a consideration in how they are pricing their goods — there's of course the investment the artist has already made with their years of training, "It can sometimes take weeks just to complete one piece. Someone may be able to throw or mold a piece in a few minutes, but then there's the trimming, finishing, and firing."

That all sounds mighty challenging. So, we definitely understand that what you're paying for isn't just about the function — it's about the art and process that went into it.



h: 10cm

l: 29cm

w: 29cm


Handmade in Australia