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GEORGES of Dubai



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When Liarbird isn’t lying he is being 100% honest with the truth. It seems that doing either is going to land him in a spot of bother…

Lyrebirds love to lie. It is as if they are born to lie, I mean it’s right there in their name. In fact they lie from the moment they hatch. And the Liarbird in this story has got lying down to a fine art. He can make all sorts of sounds from the buzz of a chainsaw to the grunt of a koala. He can defy the laws of gravity and can fly you to Mars (if you’re willing to pay $10). He can even fight off fifteen foxes…well at least he thinks he can. But when one fox turns up, Liarbird finds himself in a whole world of bother and his forest friends are too wrapped up in his lies to recognise he needs help. After a near-death encounter, Liarbird decides that it might be better to tell the truth instead. But it turns out that telling the truth is just as problematic as lying!
Liarbird’s lying antics cause all sorts of mayhem in the bush and when he tries to fix things by telling the truth things go equally awry. There are no limits to Liarbird’s lies and truths; from the exaggeration of a lie to his over the top honesty which ultimately results in spoiling a surprise birthday party. This is a wonderful read for prompting discussions around lying and the truth. Whilst it is never good to lie, we must be careful with the truth and as we learn from Liarbird’s actions, sometimes it is better to not tell the complete truth in order to protect someone’s feelings.
Full of creativity and humour this is a delightful read with strong messages about lying and the truth. The illustrations are in shades of pinks, oranges and greys and I love the quirkiness and humour that they convey.
Recommended for 4+.

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