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GEORGES of Dubai



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A herbal anti-moth protector containing a solid base to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects. All natural, contains no phthalates, preservatives or artificial scents.

Featuring a choice of fresh, earthy scents, Aromatherapy Drawer Sachets are available in sandalwood or lemongrass. There’s nothing prickly about these little suckers, the dual purpose sachets provide the ideal way to keep your clothing smelling fresh whilst deterring moths and pesky bugs in the process.

Containing essential oils in a solid base, the scent will eventually fade, to revive, simply open the sachet and scrape the surface of the block inside then replace in the sachet. 

LONG LASTING SCENT: With updated level fragrance, wardrobe fresheners have a long lasting effect, lasting for 4-6 months if keep in a closed places. It deserve for your money because you don’t need to worry about a quickly fading scent.

Directions for Use: Place the unopened sachet in your drawer or wardrobe.

Dimensions: 10cm x 13cm


Designed & Sourced in Australia.
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