All the products are nickel-free and made from hypoallergenic materials used to prevent allergic reactions.

They have no reported irritation

Wear this necklace every day and night for semi-formal or casual occasions.

It looks stunning with a casual or dressy outfit.

Each piece is created with love and care for those like yourself who appreciate quality and beauty.

They can only enhance your already stunning appearance.

Add accessory to draw the eye to these creations for that special occasion.

Or just wear it because it makes you feel good!



Our metal jewellery is brass-based, with silver, gold and rose gold plating. The posts and hooks are nickel free and are either surgical steel or sterling silver, depending on the style (it’s mainly the little studs that have sterling silver posts).

Please be mindful that it is costume jewellery and needs to be taken care of.

We always recommend keeping away from moisture, oil and other metals to prolong its life. If the metal starts to change colour, a silver polishing cloth should bring back its beauty - or even a drop of orange oil if the mark is stubborn.


Designed in Australia.