On Thurlby Herb Farm, things are a little simpler.

This idyllic farm is nestled in the countryside far south from the bustling Western Australian capital of Perth, and in the beginning produced jams and soaps on a single wood fire. Every ingredient was sourced from the farm, and resulted in natural hand-crafted products that earned Thurlby its fine reputation.

Despite now selling their products worldwide, Thurlby Herb Farm continues to grow their own beautiful herbal produce and hires locals in order to create their wonderfully scented giftware and body care ranges. Why wouldn’t you want to try something made in a place so tranquil?

Thurlby’s Tailor Made range is designed for men with a taste for earthy, robust scents that are also highly relaxing. They’re even able to banish the bad smells from shoes! Slip a Tailor Made sachet inside your business shoes, and the natural sweet and fresh aroma within will freshen them right up. These sachets can also be placed in your wardrobe, to fill it with a clean minty-fresh fragrance.

Tailor Made Men's Shoe Sachet Set features:

  • Made in Western Australia.
  • Each paper sachet contains a scented bar that freshens up footwear.
  • Minty-fresh fragrance that is clean and sweet.
  • Suitable for shoes, shoe cupboards, and even wardrobes.

Dimensions: 8cm x 13cm.