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GEORGES of Dubai



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A full and comprehensive overview of Reflexology! Foot Reflexology: Reflexology is a natural healing method based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflex areas, without the use of tools, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the body in a non-invasive fashion.
Hand Reflexology: Many civilizations have practiced reflexology. Evidence of this has been documented on four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. The most common theory is that the earliest form of reflexology originated in China, as much as 5000 years ago.
Reflexology then traveled across China, India, Japan and the rest of Asia. To this day the Cherokee tribes of North America practice a form of reflexology that they continue to pass from generation to generation.
Ear Reflexology: Ear reflexology became widely known in 1957 when a French physician drew attention to the correspondences of parts of the ear to different body parts. Now more than 200 sites have been charted on the external ear (auricle).
Ear reflexology is effective in the treatment of many common diseases as well as troublesome emotional states. Emotional Freedom Technique: This alternative psychotherapy manipulates the body's energy field by tapping on acupuncture points while focusing on specific thoughts. EFT is a very simple procedure and can be learned in minutes. It may be practiced anywhere, and there are no known harmful side effects.



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