A herbal anti-moth protector containing a solid base to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects. All natural, contains no phthalates, preservatives or artificial scents

Featuring a choice of fresh, earthy scents, Aromatherapy Drawer Sachets are available in sandalwood or lemongrass. There’s nothing prickly about these little suckers, the dual purpose sachets provide the ideal way to keep your clothing smelling fresh whilst deterring moths and pesky bugs in the process.

Hailing from the Prickly Little Sucker range, aromatherapy drawer sachets are presented in bold cactus and succulent patterned packets. Ideal for people who appreciate natural products that are made in a traditional manner. The bold sandalwood fragrance is sure to be love at first smell – it’s the perfect scent for your clothing. The sweet, zesty lemongrass has floral undertones – take a walk through the garden every time you open your wardrobe! 

Containing essential oils in a solid base, the scent will eventually fade, to revive, simply open the sachet and scrape the surface of the block inside then replace in the sachet. 

Directions for Use: Place the unopened sachet in your drawer or wardrobe.

Dimensions: 10cm x 13cm