Colourful, compact and 100% cotton Picnic Blanket accompanied with a leather strap. A versatile adventure companion woven at the Mungo Mill.

As comfortable on a lawn or beach, or strung between two trees as a hammock, it also makes for a great homeside oasis-maker. Compact enough to carry on a weekend getaway, hike or trip to the sea, and large enough to socially distance between you and your friend… We’ve even seen ours strung up as a baby swing.

Our Picnic Blanket is woven with a classic tabby weave – using four colours in the warp strands. We’ve selected one of our thickest cotton yarns to ensure a finish that lasts you through the years. So forget about snagging your Picnic Blanket on a pesky bramble, or having it gnawed to smithereens by your neighbouring picnic-er’s lovable Lab. (Speaking of, if you bring along your furry friend to your feast, why not get him a Moholo for them to sit on?) The tight weave helps to repel sand, so you needn’t bring home the beach on your next seaside excursion…


100% Cotton

Hemmed finish

Leather strap

40' Machine wash

Tumble dry at low heat


Dimension: 170cm x 170cm

Designed Woven & Made in South Africa