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GEORGES of Dubai



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Antique milking stool. Sometimes you just need a little rustic stool to round out a space. Constructed from extremely durable teak hard wood, this stool will last for years with the proper care. Each piece handcrafted to create a unique and stunning piece.

They’re super versatile and can be propped up beside a bathtub for a self-care station or in a living room for an added textural moment. Also, it features a stable surface, on which you can place drinks, vases, bowls and other ornaments.

Material: Old Chinese Elm wood

Dimensions: 39 x 44cm (39cm diameter x 44cm height)


NOTE: Please keep in mind that each of our furniture is made, painted and customized by hand and by artisans, that is why none is the same as the other. The photos are only a guide to the general appearance of the furniture, it could have different decorative colors, although it will always be the natural wood that predominates.



Designed & Sourced in Australia.


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