Delighting in the finer things in life, with a voracious appetite for art, food, travel and design, Lucy Folk is an Australian lifestyle brand that effortlessly transforms the creative mind set into wearable pieces of art. All about leading design, high quality production, thought provoking communications and cultivating a truly bespoke service, Lucy Folk conjures up the ultimate creations for those who seek out the unconventional.

  • Watermelon Pip Ring: Lucy Folk's Watermelon Pip Ring is a vibrant tribute to the never-ending love affair we all have with summer. An exotic fling with the tropic's most sumptuous fruit, this ring places a watermelon pip upon a round band and is available in a selection of plated metals. Worn alone or stacked with a coupling of rings, this is one sweet take on island living.
  • Pill Popper Ring: Got an addiction that's hard to beat? Look no further than Lucy Folk's Pill Popper Ring for the perfect cure. Handmade in Australia, this ring features a rare pill shaped fresh water pearl. Tempting and tantalizing, it's the medicine your wardrobe needs.
  • Pearly Dough Ring: Pretty and gritty, Lucy Folk's Pearly Dough Ring is inspired by a love of all things that sparkle and shine. Fashioned around pizza dough, this handmade ring, available in a selection of plated metals, features a rough finish and sprinkling of three unsymmetrical fresh water pearls and is essential for staking alongside other rings. A cult classic, this is one jewel that you can't resist.