Inspired by a childhood on the Mediterranean, this ceramic box houses long scented matches and a scratcher. Each of the 150 shellfish is produced by hand by the Manufacture de Digoin in France and is delicately positioned in its own ink night blue box featuring a hand drawing.

The Manufacture de Digoin has been making exceptional pieces since 1875 and was recently brought to a new life by Corinne Jourdain. Every object draws inspiration from their archives which include an outstanding bestiaire of ducks, deers, wild pigs and fishes. Our lobster feels right at home amongst their creations.

Made in France, limited edition of 150.

Approximate weight 600g.

Dimensions: 27x10x7cm 

Comes in an ink night blue box, filled with long scented matches and a scratcher. Simply refill with our 1642 match box.

Due to the manufacturing process, le lobster carries imperfections and no two pieces are the same. Please welcome the idiosyncrasy of the one you will receive.