Tried eyes and facial muscles use Aromatherapy herbs and flax seed encased in a soft cotton bag in Banksia or Pea design.

A soft, natural eye pillow offers immediate, fragrant relaxation. The simple combination of organic flaxseeds plus lavender and chamomile flowers provides the ideal weight to apply soothing and gentle pressure on your forehead, eyes and sinuses.

The herbs, enhanced with pure essential oils, help relieve headaches, stress and anxiety. Eases tense, overworked eyes from computers, fatigue and allergies. The cloth fabric is cooling while blocking out light, relieving tension and calming active muscles around the eyes. Use for meditation or afternoon naps.

Contains: Soothing lavender

Directions: Simply place over eyes and relax. Heat briefly in a microwave or chill in the fridge if required.


Proudly Australian Made.