Add a touch of luxury to your next toast with our exquisite stemless gold Champagne flutes.

With their gleaming gold exterior, they catch the light beautifully as you raise a glass, bringing a touch of sophistication and occasion to any event.

These glasses have a tapered silhouette so there’s plenty of space for the bubbles to rise, and are boxed, making them great for gifting!

 Perfect for golden girls (or boys!)

This gold glassware is gold plated inside and out. It is then coated with a clear, food-safe and durable coating that keeps your glassware gleaming and your drink tasting how it should.

Each set of gold champagne flutes comes boxed so they are perfect for gifting, with a product care card and CLINQ microfibre polishing cloth.

Each glass holds up to 200ml.


  • Our copper glassware is not dishwasher friendly and should be hand-washed to maintain the shine and quality. 
  • Avoid abrasive cloths, scourers and brushes whilst cleaning as they could scratch the surface and remove the protective clear coat. 
  • Polish once dry with a microfibre cloth to make them dazzle. 
  • Do not leave liquid sitting in glassware for extended periods (i.e multiple hours or overnight).
  • Ensure glassware is dried thoroughly after use. 
  • Copper is a reactive material, and if not cared for, can begin to oxidize.
  • Hand-washing is recommended to keep your flutes sparkling.