by Neil Perry

It's a rare thing for an internationally renowned chef to admit to a passion for simple cherry tomato pasta or golden fried fish and chips with lots of garlicky aioli, but that is exactly what award-winning chef Neil Perry does in this superb new book, "The Food I Love."

Taking its inspiration from the cooking of the Mediterranean, "The Food I Love" is, however, more than just a collection of recipes. Neil Perry has produced a book that can be utilized in a number of ways -- you can simply enjoy the 200 delicious recipes or you can be inspired by the thousands of suggested food combinations that work together to create superb dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

This is home cooking at its very best: simple, seasonal and absolutely delicious. There is also straightforward advice on everything from how to properly hold a cook's knife to trussing chicken and filleting fish.

Full of the enthusiasm and joy that comes from creating wonderful food from great ingredients, "The Food I Love" is a book that you will cook with, learn from and delight in many times over.