What do the cards say about your future? Call upon the Divine to find out.
Here is a sample of what the High Priestess has to say,
"You have good intuition - follow that intuition and do not second guess yourself. When your gut tells you it is right to do so, you may also rely on the intuition of others..."


78 x Cards featuring stunning illustrations of all the major and minor arcana
1 x Interpretation guide book

How to Tarot:

1. Hold the tarot cards in your hand, take a few deep breaths and ask whatever higher power you believe in for guidance.

2. While still holding the cards, tap the cards several times to insert your energy into the deck. if you are reading for someone else, get them to tap the cards.

3. Shuffle the cards.

4. Cut the cards into 3 piles then put them back into a single pile.

5. Start the reading by spreading the cards face down on the table.

6. Select the cards you are drawn to. You can select any number of cards you like.

7. Before you look at each card, think about what question or aspect of your life you would like the cards to address.

8. Tell the story of the cards - use your intuition and trust yourself. Think about the connections between the cards you have selected and how they relate to each other.

About the Artist 

Glitter Power Club is a creative studio run by Naïma, a French artist. She loves to talk about feminism, diversity, sorority, inclusivity, and to translate these values into beautiful and colourful artworks.