Delighting in the finer things in life, with a voracious appetite for art, food, travel and design, Lucy Folk is an Australian lifestyle brand that effortlessly transforms the creative mind set into wearable pieces of art. All about leading design, high quality production, thought provoking communications and cultivating a truly bespoke service, Lucy Folk conjures up the ultimate creations for those who seek out the unconventional.

  • Pill Popper Earrings: Got an addiction that's hard to beat? Look no further than Lucy Folk's Pill Popper Hoop Earrings for the perfect cure. Handmade in Australia, these classic open ended hoop earrings, available here in yellow gold, feature six rare pill shaped freshwater pearls. Tempting and tantalizing, these are the medicine your wardrobe needs.
  • Shapeshifter Earrings: What happens when we start as one shape and morph into another? Are we always the shape we were born as, or do we change? This is the thinking behind Lucy Folk's Shapeshifter Earrings. Handmade by artisans in Australia, and featuring a duo of metallic crochet mismatched shapes in circles and triangles, these earrings play with shape and form and are all about creative transformation.
  • Mini Relic Earrings: The exuberance of the Renaissance and all its artistic brilliance play muse to Lucy Folk's Relic Earrings. Mimicking an artist's brushstroke, these unconventional handmade earrings are gently jagged, coupled with a freshwater pearl. They can be worn with the pearl to the front or to the back of the ear lobe.
  • Totem Earrings: Join in the fiesta with Lucy Folk's Totem Earrings. A homage to the colourful culture of Mexico and its Aztec ruins, these handmade earrings feature mini totem poles topped with a luminescent pearl. 
  • Rock Formation Earrings:  All about having a sense of humour, Lucy Folk's Rock Formation Earrings scream 'look at me, I'm having a ball!' Inspired by the boulders in Joshua Tree National Park, and handmade by artisans in Australia, these earrings creatively morph intricate metallic crochet detailing with bold, eye-catching design, making them the highlight of the party season.