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GEORGES of Dubai



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You told us you wanted a container to store your Blocs in and we created one. It just took us a lot longer than we expected. Why? Because we wanted to make sure we were using the most eco friendly material available, it would function better than anything else on the market and that it was unique and different enough to everything else we’ve ever seen. 

Introducing our Bloc Traveller Container.

-Made from a unique bamboo fibre & corn starch eco composite

-Featuring a compact design (we know saving space down to the millimetre matters for travellers)

Designed & Sourced in Australia.


Travel lighter: Our Blocs are 80% smaller compared to liquid products.

No leaks: With an added rubber seal, you won't have any mess along your travels.

Carry on: Pack these in your hand luggage with no issues. Forget having to throw out your expensive liquid products at customs because of the 100mL rule. Take as many of these as you like on-board the plane.


Note: always keep your Bloc dry after use and once you reach your destination open the container up to allow for the Bloc to air out. 

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