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The Willow Weave towels are classic and refined. Woven with a traditional pattern that has been used for toweling design long before the mass production of the terry towel. A product of ‘weaver’s folly’, the big and bright Folly towel is a must-have for summer. 


The Willow Weave Towel is based on a 17th-century hand weaving pattern, adapted for our looms by Master Weaver Stuart Holding.

The pattern came from a Handweaver’s Pattern Book compiled by Marguerite Porter Davison and was first printed in 1944 in the USA. It consisted of a compilation of over 200 hand weaving designs brought over by European immigrants in the 17th and 18th centuries.

When the Industrial Revolution started many of these traditional weaving patterns were far too complicated for early weaving machinery and were lost in the rush to mechanise. Thanks to Stuart’s long journey from industrial weaving to hand weaving, and back to mechanised weaving, he has the skill to adapt these historical designs for weaving on our looms.

The Willow Weave is an intricate design with a checkerboard effect. These crisp white towels are punctuated with a plain weave stripe which comes in various colourways. Our Willow Weave Towels are soft, absorbent and long lasting, and are woven with pure cotton grown in Southern Africa. Available in hand or bath towel sizes.


100% Cotton

Hemmed finish,

40' Machine wash

Warm iron

Tumble dry at low heat

Do not bleach.

Dimension: 97x158 CM CHARCOAL


Designed Woven & Made in South Africa.

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