Learn all about your baby astrological sign, how it aligns with your own, and what it means for your little sta personality in this delightful guide to baby astrology. Every baby uniqueness is mapped out by the stars. So what better way to find out everything about your child than to understand their star sign? Babystrology offers all the cosmic insight you need to raise your radiant little one. From discovering their personality traits and special talents to learning what kind of games they will like to play this book is the perfect guide or gift that every new parent needs!

Vitale shared these stand-out characteristics of each sign with Parentology:

  • Aries– Physical and Feisty
  • Taurus – Quiet, Pleasant, but Stubborn
  • Gemini – Verbal and Mobile
  • Cancer – Nurturing, but Moody
  • Leo – Proud and Generous
  • Virgo – Discerning and Tidy
  • Libra – Sweet but Indecisive
  • Scorpio – Perceptive and Somewhat Secretive
  • Sagittarius – Cheerful and Highly Active
  • Capricorn – Businesslike and Organized
  • Aquarius – Offbeat and Community-loving
  • Pisces – Sweet and Otherworldly



Judi Vitale is a writer, speaker, and empowerment coach. Her horoscopes have been published by Marie ClaireRedbook,, and She is certified as an astrologer by NCGR Professional Astrologers’ Alliance. After thirty years in New York City, she now resides near Pittsburgh, PA.