Lois loves a lemon! 

A single hand made lemon candle, with a citrusy yellow colour.

Ensure that the burning of these cuties remain under yours or your companion's watch at all times (dog's don't count sorry).

Place the candle on a heat proof surface so you don't damage your expensive linens (unless it looks so beautiful you absolutely must take the risk). Due to the organic nature of the candles, they tend to drip a little, but we like that.

Hand made in the heart of Wollongong with carefully selected materials and ingredients with the environment in mind. Due to the hand made nature of our products.

These candles are inspired by the owners Great Grandparents who founded a local fruit shop in Daylesford, Victoria.

Made of: Sustainably sourced wax

Burn time: 5 hours +

Dimensions: 9cm l x 6.5cm w x 8.5 cm h

Scent: Natural soy (so you can enjoy them on your tablescape without ruining your delicious meal)!


Made in Wollongong, Australia