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Nature Hedonist is a virtual platform for different creative collaborations that encourage soulful and sustainable designs for everyday life. Each capsule collection has its own story and people behind it, be it a modest travel wear or yoga lifestyle wear.

The main principles:
We do not create a piece until we’re 99.99% sure that it’s something that we would personally wear, and we believe others would love it, too.
We brainstorm on each fabric, when it comes to color, thickness, weaving pattern, durability and most importantly, the ability to compliment a specific design and age beautifully. We involve our suppliers in the chain of discussion, too so they contribute and feel responsible for the final outcome.
Transparency. Every item has a very detail story on its creation, fabric composition and weight, color variations in different lightings, type of figures it compliments the most, and styling ideas.

All clothes are hand made, and premium linen is sourced in Europe.

  • Long linen coat with 2 front hidden pockets.
  • Full length: 145cm
  • Full length sleeves: 72cm.
  • Available in size S and M